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How many "Disabled (HP) Only" parking
spaces do I need?

  * HP Sign - At head of parking space. Minimum 60" above ground.
    The accessibility symbol painted on the ground is not required.
  * Spaces must have access to the closest accessible entrance.
  (Unless slope exceeds ADA (2%), limits placement, closest level area)
  * Access route should be as level as possible with firm, stable, slip-resistant surface.
  * Parking spaces must be 8 feet wide PLUS the access aisle.
  Please note:    

Access aisle must be no less than 5 feet wide.
    (May be shared with another space)

  A VAN access aisle must be no less than 8 feet wide.
    * It is acceptable for 1 van aisle to be shared with a standard aisle.*
  * Access aisle shall be clearly marked by means of diagonal stripes.
  * Where access to a sidewalk is blocked a curb cuts shall be installed.
Total Number of Parking Spaces in Parking Facility
(Lot or Garage)
Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible spaces Van Spaces
1- 25 1 1
26 - 50 2 1
51 - 75 3 1
76 - 100 4 1
101 - 150 5 1
151 - 200 6 2
201 - 300 7 2
301 - 400 8 2
401 - 500 9 2
501 - 1000 2% of total
1001 and over 20, plus 1 for each 100 over 1000
One of every six accessible parking spaces, or fraction thereof, must be "van-accessible."For example: A parking lot with 149 total spaces must have five accessible spaces, and one van-accessible space. BUT if the total spaces was 152, there must be six accessible spaces, where two must be van accessible spaces.
A "Van Accessible" parking space is so designed to accommodate vehicles with wheelchair lifts. Although this space is not restricted for use by vans only, be considerate by using a different accessible parking space if available.

Any vehicle displaying a "Disability Parking" placard or bares a Disability license plate is allowed to park in any space marked for "Disabled Only".
Zebra striped spaces are not parking spaces.

Parking facilities that are used exclusively for buses, trucks, delivery vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and vehicular impound are not required to include accessible spaces, but if such lots are accessed by the public (e.g. impounded vehicle retrieval) then an accessible passenger loading zone must be provided.
Additionally, van-accessible spaces, their associated access aisles, and the vehicular routes serving them must provide vertical clearance of at least 98 inches to allow for the eight of typical wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles.
Click here to refer to Massachusetts ARCHITECTURAL ACCESS BOARD Regulations
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