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There are any number of local, state and federal agencies that will help people with disabilities. The Commission can help. We have many booklets, publications and forms on this web site that can help you
on the local level. We will make every effort to help you or refer you to the appropriate agencies.

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  Disabled Persons Protection Commission
  Center for Human Development (CHD)
  Greater Springfield Senior Services
  WestMass ElderCare
  Friendship Circle of Michigan
  Parenting Resource Directory
  Coalition Against Drug Abuse
  Our Deaf Survivors Center


300 Granite Street, Suite 404
Braintree, MA 02184
(617-727-6465 or 888-822-0350 V/TTY)


   In cases of suspected physical, emotional and sexual abuse or neglect of a person with a 
     disability, the DPPC:
  • Receives and screens reports of suspected abuse, neglect and deaths through a 24-Hour Hotline
  • Conducts investigations
  • Oversees investigations conducted on DPPC’s behalf by other state agencies: Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
  • Ensures that the appropriate protective services are provided when abuse has been substantiated or risk is determined
  • Provides training and education for service providers, law enforcement personnel and the public
  • Provides assistance to the public in clarifying the presence of abuse and neglect
It's better to
say something when nothing is wrong
than it is to
say nothing when something is wrong
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Center for Human Development (CHD)

332 Birnie Ave
Springfield MA
(413) 733-6624
Web site:

Services and Resources

      Addition Services
      Counseling Outreach
      In Home Therapy
      Medication Management
      Outpatient Counseling
      Therapeutic Mentoring
  Counseling, Addiction Recovery & Health Services
     Grace House
     Health and Wellness
     Watershed Recovery Center for Women
  Developmental Services
     Meadows Homes
     Outreach Program
  Community Based Programs
     Cancer House of Hope
     Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS)
     Disability Resources
     HIV/AIDS Law Consortium
     Not Bread Alone
     Single Room Occupancy
  Elder Care Services
     Hawthorn Adult Day Health
  Connecticut Programs
     Residential Services
     Supportive Housing (PILOTS)
     Coaching / Specialing
     Fiduciary Services
     Group Homes
     Hospitality Center
  Infant and Toddler programs
     Early Intervention
  Therapeutic Services
     In Home Therapy
     Therapeutic Mentoring
     Continuum Program
  Juvenile Justice
      Alternative Lockup
      Terri Thomas Girls' Program
      Assessment Program
      Adolescent Treatment
      Secure Residential Treatment
      Adolescent Re-entry
  Homelessness Services
     Grace House
     Homelessness Programs & Services
     Jessie's House
     Specialized Programs
  Child Welfare Programs
     Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Hampden County
     Caring Together Group Homes
     Family Support and Stabilization
     Foster Care
     Independent Living Program
     Safety Zone Street Outreach
     Support Marianne's Kids Fund
  Educational, Developmental and Support Services
     Big Brother - Big Sister of Hampshire County
     Disability Resources
     Family Outreach of Amherst
     PACE School
     Therapeutic After-School Program
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227 Berkshire Ave
Springfield MA 01109
(413-781-5555 or 800-804-1899)

Services and resources

  Independent Living Services   Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  Transition to Adulthood (TAP)   Housing Services
  Personal Assistance Services   Transportation Services
  Fiscal Intermediary   Mass. Equipment Distribution Program
    Mass. Assistive Technology
STAVROS can also point you to the right service agency that can help you.
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Greater Springfield Senior Services

66 Industry Ave #9
    Case Management   Money Management
    Home Care   Congregate Housing
    Home Delivered Meals   Adult Day Care
    Senior Community Dining  
GSSSI has any number of contracted agencies that may be able to help you.
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WestMass ElderCare

4 Valley Mill Road
Holyoke   MA  01040
(413-538-9020 or 800-462-2301 or 800-875-0287 V/TDD)

  Home Care   Group Adult Foster Care
  Elder Nutrition   Personal Care Management
  Money Management   Coordination of Care--Nursing Home Screening
  Adult Family Care   Long Term Care Ombudsman
  Speaker's Bureau  
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Friendship Circle of Michigan

Web site   Blog

Although this site/blog is based in Michigan doesn't mean you can't find a wealth of information.
The video's and articles are some of the best I have seen.
Information about a disability is only part of what is needed.

These are only a sample of the articles: (from these links you can start your exploration )
How to Create & Use a Caregiver's Calendar   11 Healthy Summer Treats for Your Picky Eater
4 Tips to Facilitate Friendships in Inclusive Classrooms 7 Tips for Navigating the Path of a Child with Special Needs
7 Tracking Devices to Find a Lost Child with Autism 12 Activities to help you child with social skills
23 Ways to Communicate with a Non-verbal Child 17 Places to Find Funding for an Adaptive Bike
20 Bikes, Trikes & Tandems for kids with special needs End the Awkward: How to react to someone with a Disability
An Open Letter From a Child with Autism to a Teacher 18 Places to Look for Sensory Friendly Clothing
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Parenting Resource Directory

PO Box 60054
Florence, MA

Serving Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire Counties in Massachusetts

Resource listings from Adoption & Foster Care through Veterans Services

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Coalition Against Drug Abuse

Substance abuse affects metabolism   Alcohol disrupts liver function
The effects alcohol abuse has on weight The effects of alcohol on maternal nutrition and birth weight
Ways to consume alcohol safely and maintain a healthy weight Drug abuse and weight
The effects of smoking on weight The effects of drug abuse on weight
Depressants   Opiates   Heroin   Marijuana   Stimulants
Ecstasy Cocaine Methamphetamine Hallucinogens  
The dangers of mixing drugs   Potential long-term effects of substance abuse
The importance of substance abuse treatment References
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Our Deaf Survivors Center


PO Box 2276
Worcester, MA 01613-2276

Stop Domestic Violence! Get Involved. Save a Life.

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For more resources & services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing CLICK HERE
If your organization would like to added to this listing, Please email me for information.
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