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F.Y.I. Complaint Forms
ADA Coordinator Public Notice Update marker español ADA Title II Complaint Form español
ADA Grievance Procedure update marker español Department of Justice Mediation Program
  How to file FTA Complaint Form
AMERICANS WITH DISABITIES ACT    Filing a Title III Complaint español
  FCC - Filing CC Complaint
2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design    FCC - Close Caption Complaint Information
2010 Standards for Title II and III: 2004 ADAAG     
Disability Etiquette Handbook DMV Disabled Parking Abuse Form
Disability Information, Benefits, Facts & Resources DMV Application for Disabled Placard and Plate Form
Information about service dogs Mass Architectual Access On-Line Complaints Page New
DOJ ADA 2010 Revised Requirements-Service Animals Massachusetts Curb Cut Complaint Form
Service Dog Etiquette Massachusetts Sidewalk Complaint Form
  Massachusetts Parking Lot Complaint Form
What do you say after HELLO Massachusetts Telephone Complaint Form
ASL Alphabet Massachusetts General Building Complaint Form
Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Fact Sheet  
Deaf Culture (PEPNet Tip sheet)    Latest change to Mass. ID Card Law     
Chicopee Commission on Disability brochure New  
Interacting with People with Disabilities brochure New Access to Restaurants brochure New
Disabled Only Parking Guidebook New How Can I Make My Restaurant Disability Friendly New
Disability Rights Informative Links
Guide to Disability Rights ADA Information Services-Phone #s & Email Addresses
Massachusetts Disability Laws ADA Web Site (DOJ)
For Returning Servicemen & Women Mass. Office on Disabilities
Disabled People Seeking Employment Architectural Access Board Rules & Regs
Request Forms Connecting the Disability Community (
Chicopee Disabled Parking Sign Application  
Mass. DMV Disabled Plate and Placard Request Page New England ADA Center Publications
Mass. DMV Disabled Veterans Plate Request Page Disability Law Center of Massachusetts
Apply for Duplicate Mass Disabled Parking Placard  
  ASLU ASL training On-Line
MCDHH Request for CART Services Disability Voice
MCDHH Request an ASL Interpreter Finding a Provider
MassHealth Transportation Services PT-1 Form   Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources/Services   
PVTA ADA Mobility Impaired Information   
MASSEDP Information Assistive Devices Application Videos for ALL
711 Telecommunication Relay Service, How to use Americans with Disabilities Act (12:11 Mins.)
Enhanced 911 Disabilities Information  
  Man in Wheelchair with problems on Presnal Bridge
New  The Food Bank Brown Bag Information   New Snow problems for disadvantage in wheelchairs
. . F o r . . C i t y . . G o v e r n m e n t . .
Publications Videos
ADA and City Government - Common Problems Accessible Sidewalks Video Series
Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal ----> Part 1-Wheelchairs (10:00)
Common Questions about Title II ----> Part 2-Ambulatory Impaired (7:51)
ADA Best Practice Tool Kit for City Government ----> Part 3-Low Vision (11:24)
Project Civic Action    ----> Part 4-Blind (11:19)
Letter requesting appointment to Commission  
. . F o r . . L a w . . E n f o r c e m e n t . .
Publications Videos
911 Access Phone Emergency Services Response to People - Disabilities 1 Introduction
Commonly Asked Questions ADA/Law Enforcement Response to People - Disabilities 2 Mobility Impairment
Communicating - Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Response to People - Disabilities 3 Mental Illness
Law Enforcement-Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Model Policy Response to People - Disabilities 4 Mental Retardation
ADA Law Enforcement Q&A Hiring Officers Response to People - Disabilities 5 Epilepsy
Basic ASL Signs for Law Enforcement Response to People - Disabilities 6 Speech Impairment
  Response to People - Disabilities 7 Deafness
Emergency Preparedness Response to People - Disabilities 8 Blindness
Making Community Emergency Prepared    
Effective Emergency Preparedness Planning    
Resources on Emergency Evacuation  
. . F o r . . B u s i n e s s e s . .
Publications Videos
ADA.GOV Business Reference Library ADA Video Gallery
ADA Common Questions About Child Care Centers  
ADA Errors/Omissions New Construction or Alterations Disability Issues - Newsletter
ADA Guide for Small Businesses Newsletter produced by Center for Health Policy & Research
Serving Persons with Blind or Low Vision Disability UMass Medical School, Shrewsbury, MA
Access to Medical Care for the Mobility Disabled Disability Issues Archives  
Common Problems at New Lodging   (Contains issues from 2007 to current)  
Common Asked Questions About Service Animals    
ADA 2010 Revised Requirements-Service Animals WorkWithoutLimits - Publications for Individuals
  WorkWithoutLimits - Publications for Employers
IRS Disabled Access Tax Credit/Deduction Info WorkWithoutLimits - Publications for Providers
IRS Disabled Access Tax Credit/Deduction Instr    
IRS Disabled Access Tax Credit/Deduction Form    
ADA Small Business Primer       
ADA Requirements: Ticket Sales       
Revised Effective Dates-2010       
Reaching Out to Customers with Disabilities    Elevator Law Changes
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