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    City of Chicopee Ordinance
§ 16.102 – 16.109
Commission on Disability
Meeting Notice
Committee Meeting
Committee Agenda
July 20, 2014
2016 Meetings
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The purpose of Commission shall be to research local problems of people with disabilities and shall coordinate its activities with other local groups organized for a similar purpose. The Commission works in conjunction with the ADA Coordinator and shall investigate and research specific problems it believes to be confronting the people with disabilities.
Commission Members:
Member/Email Term Expires   Position Phone #
Frank Czepiel 2018   Chairperson 594-1575
Gary Bousquet 2016   Member Email for number
Don Vadnais 2018   Member Email for number
Miguel Roldan 2017   Vice-Chairperson Email for number
Al Kendall 2017   Secretary  
Edward Gagnon 2017   Treasurer Email for number
Tyrone Marshall 2018   Member Email for number
ADA Coordinator ADA Public Notice español Grievance Procedure español  
Raisa Riggott   (413) 594-1510        
Carolyn Porter   (413) 594-3481        
  Commission Mailing Address  


Chicopee Commission on Disability
274 Front Street
Chicopee, MA 01013-2882
Through this web page the Commission on the Disability hopes to provide all residents and businesses in the city of Chicopee, and anyone visiting this web site, with information that will help you to better understand the disability community and how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as State and Federal laws that impact us all.
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The informational files, forms, pamphlets and videos provided on this site are available on any number of state and federal web sites but we hope to provide them on this site in a more convenient manner. All pamphlet and forms on this site are in Acrobat Reader format. (Link to programs used most often can be found on the "Forms, Information& Videos" page). Some files are available in spanish. Algunos archivos disponibles en español.
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New On-line ADA Complaint form
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If you need help completing any of the request or complaint forms on the "Forms, Information & Videos" page, the Commission be more than happy to assist you in any way it can.
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For those in the disabilities community, please read the file "Enhanced 911 Disabilities Information & Form" on the "Forms, Information & Videos" page. Please print this file, enter your information and mail it as soon as possible. The information is completely confidential. In an emergency the 911 operator provides the emergency responders with important information that may save your life.

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There are files on the "Forms, Information & Videos" page, which contain both federal and state laws that cover and protect people with disabilities. The Commission acts only as a source of information and can not act as a legal representative. We will refer you to agencies that are able to assist you.

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Have you seen these signs? Do you know what they mean? These signs indicate access or a resources available to a person with a disability. Move your cursor over the sign to see what it represents:

Accessibility Symbol Low Vision Symbol Assistive Listening Symbol ASL Interpreter Available Symbol Close Captioning Symbol Telephone Symbol
Large Print Symbol Live Audio Description Symbol Open Captioning Symbol T T Y Symbol Braille Available Symbol Information Symbol
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Famous People with Disabilities

Dan Ackroyd
(Tourettes & Aspergers)
John Quincy Adams
(Aspergers' Syndrome)
Hans Christian Anderson
(Had Dyslexia)
Mohammad Ali
Alan Alda
(Polio survivor)
Charles Bronson
(Had Dementia)
Clive Burr (Iron Metal)
(Multiple Sclerosis)
Alexander Graham Bell
(Learning Disability)
Agatha Christie
(Had Dyslexia)
Tom Cruise
(Severely Dyslexic)
Arthur C. Clarke
(Polio survivor)
Ray Charles
(Vision Impairment)
Calvin Coolidge
Alice Cooper
Charles Darwin
Richard Dreyfuss
(Bi-polar disorder)
Walt Disney
(Learning Disorder)
Leonardo Da Vinci
Thomas Edison
(Deafness, Diabetic, learning disability)
Albert Einstein
(Aspergers Syndrome)
Michael J. Fox
Henry Ford
Vincent van Gogh
Danny Glover
(Had Dyslexia)
Barry Goldwater
(Had Dementia)
Howard Hughes
Adolf Hitler
Bob Hope
Rita Hayworth
(Had Dementia)
Stephen Hawking
(Lou Gehrigs)
Charles Heston
(Had Dementia)
Pope John Paul II
(Parkinson's disease)
Helen Keller
(Deaf, Blind & Mute)
Abraham Lincoln
(Mood Disorders)
Marlee Matlin
Howie Mandel
Richard Nixon
Sir Isaac Newton
Richard Pryor
(Multiple Sclerosis)
George Patton
(Had Dyslexia)
Sugar Ray Robinson
(Had Dementia)
Ronald Reagan
(Had Dementia)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Polio survivor)
Theodore Roosevelt
(Epilepsy, Asthma)
Christopher Reeve
(Spinal Injury)
Howard Stern
Donald Trump
Hank Williams, Sr.
(Spinal Bifida)
Robin Williams
Henry Winkler
Mao Zedong
(Lou Gehrig)
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